Road safety reminder as Tasmanian students return to schools next week

Police are reminding Tasmanian motorists to be extra careful on the roads next week, as thousands of primary school and college students return to the classroom on Monday.

“While 40km/hr school zones have continued to operate while most Tasmanian children have been learning from home, the return to face-to-face learning will bring increased traffic to our roads,” said Acting Assistant Commissioner Operations, Joanne Stolp.

“Police will be out across the state making sure drivers are doing the right thing, particularly near school zones.

“Drivers are reminded to slow down near schools and stay alert, especially if travelling in peak drop off and pick up times,” she said.

“We’re also asking parents to speak to their children about road safety, and make sure they use pedestrian crossings and have adult supervision wherever possible.”

“It’s also important that drivers choose a safe place to pull over and make sure their passengers can get out of the car safely, without impacting traffic.”

Points to keep in mind around schools:
• Drivers are limited to 40 km/hr in school zones during certain times.
• A speed limit of 40 km/hr also applies within 50 metres of a school bus with flashing amber lights, and drivers must slow down to that speed before passing.
• Children being dropped off or picked up near bus stops should be collected from the same side of the road as the bus, a safe distance away.