Road Safety Week: get strapped

Make sure you are strapped in before starting your journey, road safety authorities said today.
Road Safety Advisory Council Chair Jim Cox said that seat belts and properly installed booster
seats for children save lives.
“Hundreds of lives have been saved and many more injuries prevented since the wearing of
seat belts became mandatory in 1977,” Mr Cox said.
Seatbelts and booster seats are the focus of the second day of Road Safety Week in which
drivers are being urged to drive so others survive.
Police Commander Brett Smith said police throughout the state today would be paying
particular attention to seatbelts.
“The penalty for not wearing a seatbelt is $300 and 3 demerit points, but the real penalty could
be a life or a serious injury.”
If you, or someone you know has been affected by road trauma, and would like help, please
contact Road Trauma Support Tasmania on 0427 487 251.