Students Against Racism – One Day Program – Tasmania Police Academy

Students from ‘Students Against Racism’ who have an interest in becoming a police officer will spend today seeing what it might be like to train as a police recruit.

The students participating came to Australia as refugees and migrants from a diversity of countries and personal circumstances.

“Based at the Tasmania Police Academy, today’s activities will provide a valuable insight for students into the Tasmania Police recruitment process and experience what the training environment is like for a recruit”, said Commander Robert Blackwood.

“We’re aiming to provide insight as well as career pathways for students who are considering a career with police.

“We understand that it’s important to represent the community we serve and today will hopefully be a way in which we can attract culturally and linguistically diverse people.

“Our Police Recruits will also benefit from today’s opportunity by engaging and connecting with youth of various backgrounds and cultures and talk to students about their experiences as a recruit.

”We hope the experience we provide for the students today will promote policing as a career.”