Sworn officers seconded to State Service positions

The Department of Police and Emergency Management continues to investigate measures to progress the budget savings strategy.

The Department has met targets for state service reductions but remains over its funded allocation for police officers.

“Our preference would be, where practical, to second non-operational members or other members on restricted duties into these positions” said Acting Assistant Commissioner Geoff Smith.

“Given that this is a relicensing year, there was always going to be a requirement for an increase in the number of staff within Firearm Services.

“The secondment of three sworn officers to assist firearm services is estimated to be for about 12 months, after which they will return to policing duties.

“It’s important to note that these are secondments, and not permanent transfers.”

The three officers are expected to be seconded from the Southern region.

The savings of not having to employ 3 civilian State Service officers is approximately $132,000.

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