Tractor Incident

A 56 year old man from Halls Road, Badgad was seriously injured in a tractor incident earlier this evening.  At approximately 7pm the man was releasing a ‘carry-on’ from the rear of his tractor when the tractor rolled forward pinning him underneath the vehicle tyre.

Preliminary investigations have determined the man was standing in front of the rear tyre of the tractor and has leant across the vehicle to release the ‘carry-on’.  At this time the tractor has rolled forward, pinning the man under the tractor tyre and coming to rest on his chest.

The man was found by his 26 year old son a short time later.  The son was able to move the tractor away from his father and with the assistance of a neighbour rendered first aid.  The man was conveyed to the Royal Hobart Hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

An investigation relating to the circumstances surrounding this accident has commenced.  At this time there are no suspicious circumstances.

No names have been released at this time at the request of the family.

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