Traffic Offences

An 18year old man from Brighton appeared before the Hobart Magistrates Court today fronting a variety of traffic offences.

The charges arose from an incident on the 11th July 2015 when the offender borrowed a motorcycle, which belonged to his father, and went for a ride along roads in the Brighton municipality.

Police detected the offender riding in excess of the posted speed limits on three separate occasions during the one ride.

The offender fled from police after being detected the first time. The court heard that the offender drove at excessive speeds, overtook other vehicles, and conducted dangerous manoeuvres with seemingly little regard for his own safety or that of his pillion passenger.

He was later apprehended at his home address.

In court this morning the 18 year old man from Brighton plead guilty to:
 Dangerous Driving
 Evading Police
 Exceeding the speed limit x 3
 Failing to display a p plate
 Riding a non LAMS approve motorcycle when the holder of a provisional licence.