Traffic Operation ‘Safe Arrival’ Conclusion

With the long-weekend Traffic Operation ‘Safe Arrival’ now concluded, police are reminding motorists of the importance of road safety. 

“Pleasingly the long weekend was fatality free on Tasmanian roads, and I thank all motorists who did the right thing on our roads” said Acting Inspector Matt Shea. 

“While police are pleased that most Tasmanians did the right thing on our roads, it’s disappointing that some motorists continued to do the wrong thing.

“In the Hobart region, disappointingly 20 drivers were detected disobeying traffic lights in one afternoon. 

“Police urge every motorist to remember the importance of road safety every time they travel on the roads – slow down, obey the speed limit, and remember that it’s not just your life on the line.”

Operation ‘Safe Arrival’ supported Tasmania Police’s commitment to road safety, by improving driver behaviours and removing unsafe motorists from the roads.