Train collides with empty vehicle at Railton

Police are calling on road users to be rail safe, after a crash involving a car and a train at Railton in the early hours of this morning.

Police and emergency services were notified about 3:20am, when a train collided with an empty vehicle on the track at Youngmans Road. The incident did not involve a level crossing.

Devonport Inspector John King said initial investigations indicated that the driver of the car and their passenger had left the vehicle a short time earlier after it became stuck on the track.

“It appears the people have left their car to find a way out, and one of them has then fallen in bushland about 100 metres away and hurt their ankle.”

“They were then taken to hospital after being located by emergency services.”

“It is incredibly lucky that no one was seriously injured in this incident, and we are using this as an example to others about the importance of rail safety.”

• When approaching a railway track, stop, look both ways, and listen.

• Know that trains always have the right of way.

• If your car breaks down on a track, quickly get everyone out — even if you don’t see a train coming.

• Move away from the tracks and call Triple Zero (000) or the TasRail emergency number (6335 2557).

Further investigations are being undertaken by TasRail and a report will be completed for the Office of National Rail Safety Regulator.