Update Release #7 – Missing People – Ouse and Evandale [10-Jun-2016]


In Ouse, police continue to hold grave concerns for Mr Trevor Foster who was swept away in flood waters from his property around 8am on Monday, 6 June 2016.

Police have located a hat, which they believe Mr Foster was wearing at the time he was swept away. DNA testing will be used to confirm if it is Mr Foster’s.

Searches will continue as the water levels recede, in the hope of providing Mr Foster’s family with some closure.


In Evandale, search crews will continue on foot and on the water over the weekend in the area of the South Esk River between Leighlands Road and Perth, in the search for a 63 year old man who was swept away in floodwaters in the early hours of Tuesday, 7 June 2016. The man’s female companion was airlifted to safety.

Police have located the jacket belonging to the missing man, and the van driven by the pair at the time of the incident was located by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter near Leighlands Road.

The missing man’s family are assisting police in the search.