Victorian man fined $3114 for providing false information to enter Tasmania unlawfully

A Victorian man has been fined $3114 by Tasmania Police for providing false and misleading information to gain entry to Tasmania as an essential freight and logistics worker. 

The 22-year-old man falsely claimed to be a transport, freight and logistics worker and knowingly provided altered evidential documentation to enter Tasmania as an ‘Essential Traveller’, under the category of Transport, Freight and Logistics worker. 

Acting on information from the community, Tasmania Police investigated, and as a result the man was fined for the offences of “Knowingly Provide False Details to an Emergency Management Worker” and “Fail to Comply with Direction of an Emergency Management Worker”.  

He entered Tasmania on 22 August and the risk to the community of exposure to COVID-19 from the man has been assessed as low. He is now in quarantine.

Inspector John Toohey from the State Police Operations Centre said Tasmania Police will continue to enforce border entry conditions to protect Tasmanians.

“People doing the wrong thing will face an on the spot fine of $1557,” Inspector Toohey said.

“These rules need to be taken seriously, they are in place to keep us all safe and to limit the very real risk of COVID-19 entering Tasmania.

“While the vast majority of people are doing the right thing, we need those who are not to put the selfishness aside and think about the wider community, particularly those who are more vulnerable,” he said.


Essential Travellers are subject to special conditions upon entry to Tasmania, including submitting to COVID-19 tests and wearing a mask when not in their primary place of residence.