Welcome to Tasmania’s newest Police Constables

Tasmania’s newest Police Constables graduate from the Academy at Rokeby this morning before starting their careers serving and protecting our communities from early next week.

11 women and nine men, with an average age of 26 years, will graduate from Recruit Course 1/2018 after completing a rigorous 28-weeks at the Police Academy and three weeks of practical experience in various stations around the state.

Among the new Constables is 40-year-old Olivia Davies who achieved the award of Dux, and 40-year-old Gareth Auker runner-up Dux.

“We proudly welcome our 20 new Constables into the service of Tasmania Police. Each member has worked extremely hard to complete what is a demanding recruit training program and they should all be very proud of what they have achieved,” said the Commissioner of Police, Darren Hine.

“We hope that they enjoy long and fulfilling careers dedicated to the Tasmanian community. The career of a police officer is rewarding and varied, and we wish our new graduates well as they forge their own paths within the service,” he said.

Of the 20 new Constables, 8 will be stationed at Hobart; 7 at Launceston; 3 at Devonport and 2 at Burnie.

Applications are closed for the February 2019 recruit course but the August 2019 course is still open. Anyone considering a career in policing is urged to visit the Tasmania Police Recruitment website at https://recruitment.police.tas.gov.au/