66 Tasmania Police Officers will graduate this month

A total of 66 Tasmania Police Officers will graduate from the University of Tasmania in Hobart and Launceston this month as part of Tasmania Police’s ongoing commitment to professionalism.

Tasmania Police is the only police service in Australia where the training and promotion continuum aligns with a Bachelor of Social Science (Police Studies). Recruits achieve an Associate Degree through their studies at the Academy and within their first 12 months of service.  As officers progress in their careers and complete the promotional pathway, qualifying for promotion to Sergeant, they will complete the full degree.

Currently, one third of Tasmania Police officers are enrolled in university studies, not including those who already have degrees.

“Policing is a challenging and rewarding career. The specialised educational training that our new recruits are now completing as part of their mandatory training further establishes policing as the skilled profession it is,” Commissioner Darren Hine said.

“Soon we’ll achieve 50% of our members having completed tertiary study – that’s something our members should be really proud of.

“Anyone who goes on to qualify as a Sergeant will achieve a Bachelor Degree in Police Studies as part of the promotion process.

 In addition, officers who have been promoted or are seeking promotion to Inspector, are now able to complete Professional Honours in Police Studies, a pathway that has now been adopted by Victoria Police.

Three officers will be awarded Professional Honours in Public Sector Leadership and Management.