Online Crash Reporting

Did you know that if you’ve had a minor crash and you don’t need police assistance, it can be reported to police online?

There are occasions such as low speed rear-enders or a car park crash where a police report is not required under legislation.   A crash doesn’t need to be reported to police if:

  • No one was injured or killed
  • The crash was not a hit and run
  • All drivers involved exchanged details including name, address, registration numbers
  • No vehicle was towed or carried away.

Of course if you need police assistance after any crash, call 131 444.

But if you need a police report to make an insurance claim, you can submit the details online with the Tasmania Police Traffic Crash Reporting System. The system can only be used for crashes that occurred in Tasmania.

If you’re not sure whether you need police to attend and make a report, call the Police Assistance Line 131 444 for advice.

For more information visit the Traffic Crash Reporting System (