Young People and Alcohol

The National Health and Medical Research Council advise that there is no safe level of consumption of alcohol for anyone under 18 years, however, Tasmanian law recognises that some adults choose to supply young people with alcohol in private settings (at home, and on other private property).

To provide a safe environment for young people around the consumption of alcohol, it is important to remember:

  • A young person must have permission from a responsible adult (with parental rights) before consuming alcohol.
  • Permission can be given in many ways (written, verbal, electronic).
  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks should also be available.
  • A limit should be placed on the amount and type of alcohol available.
  • Considerations should be made to the age of those consuming alcohol.
  • Young people consuming alcohol should be supervised.

To minimise alcohol-related harms for young people and to improve the knowledge and understanding of parents, carers and young people, a number of resources are available which provide information about the Sale and Supply of Alcohol to Youth legislation.