> Police Commissioner’s Integrity Medal

Applicants in the first round of the Police Commissioners Integrity Medal have recently been awarded this honour by the Commissioner of Police. For those members who did not apply in the first round, a supplementary and final list will be prepared early in 2015. To be eligible, members need to have completed 10 years diligent and ethical service and to have resigned or retired prior to 1 July 1999. Applications are available from the Secretary of the RPAT and are not available online. A fee of $45 for members and $60 for non-members applies to these applications. All applications must be lodged with the Secretary within 28 days from the publication of the first Newsletter in 2015. (Expected late February 2015). Any queries may be directed to the Secretary of the RPAT, Syd McClymont on 0407 847 718 or by email to


> National Police Service Medal

Tasmania Police are now receiving applications for the National Police Service Medal (NPSM) from separated members who have previously served with Tasmania Police who believe that they satisfy the requirements for the NPSM.