Commissioned Officers

Women Inspectors on the march

Almost 40 years after the first appointment of a woman to the rank of Inspector, there are now six women Inspectors in Tasmania Police.

They have embraced the challenges and opportunities to reach the rank of Inspector.

All agree that it has taken a real commitment and passion for work to achieve this level.

Commissioned Officers former Inspectors Heather Innes and Lyn Jones, Inspector Fiona Lieutier, Deputy Secretary Donna Adams, Inspectors Kathy Bennett, Jo Stolp, Natasha Freeman, Philippa Burke and Debbie Williams

Above: Commissioned Officers former Inspectors Heather Innes and Lyn Jones, Inspector Fiona Lieutier, Deputy Secretary Donna Adams, Inspectors Kathy Bennett, Jo Stolp, Natasha Freeman, Philippa Burke and Debbie Williams.