Gas Leak – Boags Brewery Launceston

On Sunday 10th March 2019, at 0750hrs Tasmania Police were advised of a gas leak at Boags Brewery, Shield Street, Launceston.  Tasmania Fire Service were in attendance and advised that the leak was coming from a large storage cylinder from within the yard and they believed at that time it was carbon dioxide (CO2).

Advice was provided to Tasmania Police which resulted in the area being isolated from the public as contact with the liquid is dangerous and inhalation of the gas can cause asphyxiation.

Technicians from Boags Brewery have entered the area with assistance of Tasmania Fire Service and shut off the pressure release valve of the gas cylinder.

The roads surrounding Boags brewery were shut for 2 hours and caused minimal disruption to the shopping district immediately adjacent to the brewery.

No persons were injured as a result of the gas leak.