Planned vigils and events this weekend

Tasmania Police is aware of some vigils and demonstrations planned over the next few days in line with the Black Lives Matter movement.

These events have been registered with police and are expected to be conducted peacefully and lawfully.

“We support and appreciate Tasmanians having the democratic right to protest, provided this is done legally and safely,” said Assistant Commissioner Operations, Jonathan Higgins.

“In the current climate that includes following the coronavirus restrictions and social distancing measures that are still in place.”

“We regularly work with protest organisers to ensure any demonstration is safe and that members of the public can go about their lawful business.”

“Tasmania Police officers are at the frontline serving our community every day. We do so without fear or favour – serving everyone regardless of who they are or where they have come from, whatever their background.”

“As police officers we are committed to the values of our organisation – integrity, equity and accountability.”

“We are lucky to have a high level of community trust in Tasmania, and we don’t take that for granted.”

“The community can have confidence that Tasmania Police is open and accountable and there are robust processes in place to facilitate complaints if and when they do arise.”