Police Launch New Digital Evidence Investigative Tool

Community members who witness an incident will now be able to provide videos and photos directly to Tasmania Police when requested, through our new investigative tool, Axon Community.

“Adding Axon Community to our suite of investigative tools will provide police with the ability to quickly and easily obtain digital evidence from witnesses,” said Acting Inspector Marco Ghedini.

“Using Axon Community we can now create a secure link to an evidence upload portal and request witness information through our website and Facebook page”.

“When a portal is opened, members of the community can upload videos and photos directly to police – quickly, easily and confidentially if they choose, without having to visit a police station.”

Axon Community is a digital evidence solution provided by Axon Public Safety Australia, who also provide Body Worn Cameras for Tasmania Police.

Portals will be opened in instances where videos/photos from the public may assist an ongoing police investigation.

“Tasmania Police is very positive about the benefits Axon Community will provide to police investigations, particularly in the aftermath of a significant incident,” said Acting Inspector Ghedini.

Tasmania Police will publish advice on the Tasmania Police website and Facebook page, on a case-by-case basis, each time an Axon Community portal is opening.