Police Recruits engaging with young people

As part of their training, Tasmania Police recruits are spending the next two days leading a camp for kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

The overnight mentoring camp based at the Tasmania Police Academy not only helps the recruits develop their skills in engaging with young people, it provides a fun experience for children aged between 8 – 12 years.

Edmund Rice Camps provide holiday experiences for young people, aged 6 – 16, who might otherwise not have the chance for adventures away from home.  The camp at the Academy includes fun activities, games and a camp fire night.

“The children come from around Tasmania, from a variety of backgrounds, and we give them the opportunity to develop self-confidence in a positive environment,” said Edmund Rice Camps CEO, Andrew Blackett.

“They develop trust and friendships with one-on-one engagement with positive adult role models within the community,” said Mr Blackett.

“The recruits have just as much to gain from the experience,” said Course coordinator, Sergeant Rod Stacey.

“The program provides a great opportunity for the recruits to engage and connect with kids from a range of backgrounds within the community and to act as positive role models for them.” said Sergeant Stacey.

“The trust and connections developed over the two days of Camp fosters a really positive relationship between the kids and police officers,” he said.

It is the seventh time Edmund Rice Camps and Tasmania Police have jointly run the program, with financial support given to this year’s program provided by the Tasmania Police Charity Trust.