Police urge motorists to help keep everyone safe on the roads

Police are urging all motorists to help them keep everyone safe on the roads this festive season, as Operation Safe Arrival continues this week. 

“With Tasmania Police’s annual road safety operation underway, police are imploring all motorists to be safe and do the right thing on the roads,” said Sergeant Terry Reaney. 

“From the start of this year’s operation (23 December) across the state, nearly 500 drivers have been detected speeding, that’s nearly 500 instances a driver has put themselves and others at risk of crashing and being killed or seriously injured on our roads. 

“Speed is one of the fatal five contributing factors to fatal and serious injury crashes on our roads. To anyone who speeds, even just a little over the limit the message is clear – over is over, slow down.”

“While most drivers do the right thing, I urge all those that don’t to consider their actions and help police to keep everyone safe on our roads,” said Sergeant Reaney.

 The message from police to all road users this festive season is to:

  • Follow the speed limit
  • Pay attention – leave your phone alone
  • Take a break if you’re tired,
  • Always wear your seatbelt or helmet
  • Don’t drive if you’ve taken drugs or been drinking. 

“Police don’t want anyone to have their holidays ruined by a crash this year, so please take care and stay safe on the roads.” 

Sadly, one person has died on Tasmanian roads this festive season.