Warning Against PokemonGo Dangerous and Suspicious Behaviour

Over the last few days police have seen an increase in the number of call about suspicious vehicles and behaviour and people driving while using mobile phones, with the explanation that drivers are “looking for Pokemon”.

Police are urging people to be aware that even if it’s a rare Pokemon, driving dangerously is just not worth it.

PokemonGo players are reminded:

  1. Never PokemonGo and drive. It is not legal or safe to drive while using a mobile phone. If you want to hunt for Pokemon in a car, ask someone else to drive.
  1. Never stop in dangerous locations, especially in the middle of intersections, and do not distract your driver with your hunt.
  1. When chasing Pokemon on foot, please look up, pay attention to your surroundings and watch where you are going. Be alert when crossing the road and never stand in the middle of busy roads.
  1. Do not go onto private property or areas that you usually would not go if you weren’t playing the game. Your attempts to capture a Pokemon could be considered suspicious behaviour by others, who then call police.

Good luck and safe hunting.