Everyone has the right to feel safe and live free from violence.

Violence against anyone – in any form – is unacceptable, but the harm caused by family violence is particularly devastating.

Family violence is defined in the Family Violence Act 2004 as any of the following types of conduct committed by a person, directly or indirectly, against that person’s spouse or partner (this also includes ex-spouse or ex-partner):

  • assault, including sexual assault
  • threats, coercion, intimidation or verbal abuse
  • abduction
  • stalking
  • attempting or threatening any of the above
  • economic abuse
  • emotional abuse or intimidation
  • breaching an existing order
  • any damage caused by a person to any property owned by a spouse or partner or affected child.


Tasmania Police adopts a proactive approach to family violence, which includes:

  • prompt action
  • providing immediate protection for victims-survivors and affected children
  • timely and thorough investigation of alleged family violence matters
  • investigation of any other offences identified
  • gathering of evidence
  • involvement of external agencies where applicable and
  • prosecution of perpetrators.


It is important to know that if you or someone you know has experienced family violence, you are not alone. There are a number of support services available to provide you with support and advice, or you can make a report to police.

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Family Violence Units (FVU)

All Tasmania Police officers receive training to respond to and investigate incidents of family violence.

General duties officers at every police station respond to reports of family violence.

We also have specialist Family Violence Units located in each region who are responsible for assessing and monitoring all family violence incidents. 

The Family Violence Units are focused on:

  • making sure that victims of family violence are safe – including any children who are affected by family violence
  • bringing perpetrators of family violence to account.


The Family Violence Units:

  • ensure risk and safety issues for all family violence victims and affected children are addressed
  • liaise with Safe at Home partners to ensure that safety strategies are in place for family violence victims-survivors and their children
  • participate in case management with Safe at Home service providers
  • manage serious and repeat family violence offenders, including those who are subject to electronic monitoring through ankle bracelets.
  • ensure the initial police response is undertaken in accordance with relevant legislation, policy and procedures.


National Domestic Violence Order Scheme

The National Domestic Violence Order Scheme allows DVOs (Police Family Violence Orders and Family Violence orders, including interim orders) to be automatically recognised and enforced nationally.

Anyone who breaches the conditions of a nationally recognised DVO will be subject to any penalties set by the relevant state or territory, depending on where the breach occurred.

If you’re unsure whether you need to take action or have questions about DVOs, visit www.justice.tas.gov.au/national-domestic-violence-order-scheme or contact the Hobart Magistrates Court.