Online safety is everyone’s responsibility. The internet provides access to a vast amount of information and instant communication around the world. It is now a part of everyday life for many people, however, there are always some that use this information to exploit others. Protection and education are key.

A useful guide for online safety prepared by the Australian Government, can be accessed from the Staysmartonline website at Personal Security Guides |

More resources are available from which is the Australian government website for cyber safety and reporting. Information is for individuals, business and government relating to cyber issues.

Getting help with your small business cyber safety plan

The Tasmanian Government’s Digital Ready for Business Program has been developed to empower Tasmanian small and medium businesses to take charge of their online presence and develop an online strategy that really works.  The service is free for all Tasmanian small businesses and includes seminars, one-on-one coaching and a website with a wealth of information on all aspects of engaging online, including how to manage cyber security risks.

For more information or to register for coaching, visit the website