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As per the Department of Treasury and Finance’s Crown Contracts Confidentiality Policy and associated Treasurer’s Instruction C-1, all contracts valued at more than $2 million that are not the result of a procurement, are to be made publicly available on the relevant agency’s website.

For all contracts valued at more than $2 million that are the result of a procurement, and any contracts that came about as the result of an open tender, quotation or expression of interest, refer to the

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Contract Title Parties to Contract Date signed by all Parties Term of Contract Contact
Digital Upgrade Project

A Deed of Variation between the Crown and Transend in relation to the supply of licensed circuits, licensed areas and leased premises for the Digital Upgrade Project.

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The Crown and Transend 28/01/2010 Potentially up to 30/06/2019 Emsada Babic
P: (03) 617 32352
Service Agreement – Core Upgrade
>> Download Contract 3MB
The Crown and Ericsson Australia 11th February 2019 Potentially up to 25 December 2023 Peter Roberts 0418 315 524