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The Department of Police and Emergency Management (DPEM) Alcohol Implementation Plan 2015 is the fifth and final alcohol action plan under the Rising Above the Influence: Tasmanian Alcohol Action Framework 2010-2015 (TAAF).

The goal of the TAAF is to improve individual and community safety and reduce human, health, economic and social costs associated with the misuse of alcohol. There is a shared responsibility for affecting change in alcohol use across government agencies, local councils, and non-government, community and industry sectors. Of greatest importance is the whole-of-community change necessary to prevent and minimise alcohol-related harm.

The DPEM Alcohol Implementation Plan 2015 continues to build upon the strong foundation of action outlined in past plans, and it details activities that DPEM undertake to address alcohol-related harms in Tasmania. A conscious effort has been made in this plan to highlight areas of innovation that address alcohol-related matters, and it has been decided not to include aspects that are considered to be core business of Tasmania Police.

A new addition to the 2015 Plan is the formation of the Tasmania Police Public Safety Group (PSG), which provides an additional police presence focussed on the waterfront and other entertainment areas in the Hobart Division. This is in support of the Hobart Safer Streets Program, under which Tasmania Police, the Salvation Army and the Hobart City Council are focussing efforts on the Hobart waterfront area during Friday and Saturday nights.

A National Drug and Law Enforcement Research Fund (NDLERF) research project is being considered by this jurisdiction in 2015. Drug and Alcohol intoxication and Subsequent Harm in night-time Entertainment Districts (DASHED) uses the Hobart and Canberra entertainment precincts to examine the relationship between alcohol consumption, intoxication, substance use, crime and other risky behaviours, in and around licenced premises. Results from this research are likely to inform future alcohol government policy and responses to alcohol-related crime by law enforcement.

The Liquor Licensing Act 2001 Review was conducted in 2014, and it is hoped that the identified areas to enhance the capacity of police to enforce liquor licensing laws are favourably considered and implemented by the Tasmania Government in 2015.

This plan demonstrates the ongoing commitment of this Department, and highlights the increasingly significant role that police play in the reduction of supply, demand and harms associated with the misuse of alcohol in the Tasmanian community.

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