Application Fee = $46.28*

(Effective 1 July 2023)

*Subject to change each financial year

Section 49 of the Police Offences Act 1935, empowers the Commissioner of Police to issue a permit for the holding of any motor vehicle/ motorcycle race or reliability trial.

In order to obtain a permit an applicant must make written application, forwarded to the Commander of the nearest District police headquarters, providing full details of where the event is to be held, specifying, date, time, road(s) to be used, number of competitors etc.

A policy of insurance must be in force at the time of the race or event, in accordance with the requirements of Section 49 of the Police Offences Act 1935. This policy or some other evidence of same must accompany the application for consideration by the Commissioner of Police, prior to the application being granted.

Applications should be received no less than 45 days prior to the date of the planned event to allow sufficient time for processing.

Motorsport Event or Race with Open Track:

Motorsport Event or Race with Closed Track:

For further details, see the Public Event Guidelines:

Event dependent, a twelve-week lead time is required to ensure your permit is approved in a timely fashion. Please contact the relevant office should your event fall outside of this time frame.