Organisation Structure

>> Download: DPFEM Organisation Structure chart

  • The Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management (DPFEM) is an Agency comprised of the four Services: • Tasmania Police • Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) • State Emergency Service (SES) • Forensic Science Service Tasmania (FSST).
  • The Secretary is responsible for managing the Agency, and also holds the positions: • Commissioner of Police • State Emergency Management Controller.
  • The Agency Management Group (AMG) addresses issues of strategic importance to the Department and provides advice to the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management. The AMG comprises: • DPFEM Secretary / Commissioner of Police • DPFEM Deputy Secretary, Business and Executive Services • Deputy Commissioner of Police • Chief Officer, TFS.
  • The Police Corporate Management Group (CMG) is a strategic leadership group in relation to Tasmania Police matters, which provides advice and elevates issues of a whole-of-agency nature to the AMG. The CMG comprises: • Commissioner • Deputy Commissioner • Assistant Commissioner,  Operations • Assistant Commissioner, Specialist Support.