Commissioner’s Foreword

Providing a professional and high quality policing service whilst respecting the rights of everybody in the community ensures that Tasmania Police maintains its good reputation. These Directions present an integrated, centralised, clear and fair system for the management of conduct, complaints, and compliance review. Abacus is an instrument for all members to use and is available to the public.

Abacus is a contemporary approach to the concept of a police disciplinary system. It is focussed on continuing professional development with the aim of improving police conduct and performance. Unless a member’s conduct is so serious that it is unacceptable for them to continue to be employed as a member, the focus will be on improvement and development.

Nobody is exempt from making honest mistakes, but everybody must take responsibility for their mistakes. When mistakes happen it is important to identify, report and rectify them at the earliest opportunity.

Working together in the challenging role of policing requires trust. Those whose conduct falls short of acceptable standards – and breaches that trust – not only let themselves and their families down, but also let down their colleagues and the good reputation of Tasmania Police. Members who become aware of any other member displaying poor conduct are obliged to act.

It is imperative that the whole organisation supports the system and members at all levels work towards a common objective to deliver the highest quality policing service to Tasmania.

D L Hine
Commissioner of Police
December 2017

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