>> Download: Application to Receive Volunteer Fee for National Police History Record Checks (.pdf 161kb)

Persons seeking to volunteer with organisations may be eligible to receive a National Police Record Check at a reduced fee. Individuals will need to contact the organisation concerned to determine if they are eligible to receive this rate.

If you have volunteers who work for your organisation you may be eligible to register with Tasmania Police to receive National Police Record Checks at a concession rate. If your organisation is seeking to access this concession rate please complete a Application for Concession Rate for National Police Record Check.

All applications to receive the concession rate for National Police Record Checks are considered on their merits. Applications will be assessed against any number of the following criteria:

  • The organisation is a registered approved charity (Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading, Department of Justice and Industrial Relations)
  • The individual must not receive remuneration for the work they undertake for the organisation. Reimbursement of direct expenses will not necessarily disqualify the individual from receiving the rate
  • The organisation or any subsidiary (branch) of the organisation must be non-profit
  • The organisation must provide a benefit to the public in general. If the role of the individual is primarily for the benefit of the organisation or the individual participant then the individual may be ineligible to receive the rate, or
  • The organisation has a sole or dominant purpose that is charitable. A charitable purpose includes a benevolent, philanthropic or patriotic purpose and any purpose for the protection of the environment or the welfare of animals.

Note: Once the Application form has been received, Tasmania Police will advise the organisation in writing if they are approved to access the concession rate. Organisations cannot receive this rate without specific authorisation from Tasmania Police. Requests for National Police Record Checks for volunteers should not be forwarded to Tasmania Police until the organisation is advised of the outcome of the application.

Tasmania Police reserves the right to change the above criteria and reassess all previously approved organisations, or require those organisations to re-register should the need arise.

For further information, contact Criminal History Services, Tasmania Police.