Concerns held for woman on the West Coast’s Pieman River

Police will be conducting searches today on the Pieman River for woman who was last seen Wednesday morning at Corinna.  West Coast Police Senior Sergeant Adam Spencer said that the alarm was raised after 10:00 pm last night that the woman could be missing.

“She was last seen at about 10:00 am Wednesday on an inflatable blue & white ‘stand up’ paddle board on the Pieman River leaving Corinna heading east toward the Reece Dam. She told a local man she intended to be back in the afternoon, however no one has ever seen her return, including campers at Corinna who watched her paddle off alone down the River.”

The woman is described as aged in her 30’s, medium build, about 5’4, ear length brown hair with fair skin. She was wearing what looked like blue wetsuit or tights and carrying a ‘CamelBak’ hydration back-pack. It did not appear that she was prepared for anything more than a day trip, as she did not appear to be carrying any of equipment or stores necessary for an overnight stay.

“Prior to police being called, searches of the Pieman River were conducted by a local vessel from about 6:30 pm right through until dark when it became difficult to navigate and search on the water.”

It is also suspected she was driving a silver Subaru, two of which remain parked at Corinna; One of these vehicles has been ruled out, however the remaining vehicle still has not been linked to the woman and the owner not located.

It was the local man who had the brief discussion with the woman before she set off who raised the alarm.

“Whilst we have already made significant inquiries, we have not yet received any reports from family or friends of a person missing on the Pieman River, so there is a possibility that this person has safely come off the river unnoticed and left Corinna. If that is the case, we are very eager to hear from her, or from anyone who may know the woman’s identity.”

Senior Sergeant Spencer asked that any person with information call 131 444. In the meantime, the search will go on.

“From daybreak, the Tasmania Police Westpac Rescue Helicopter will be searching the River from above. Police and civilian vessels will be in support searching below.”