Operation Saturate task force putting a dampener on volume crime

The Operation Saturate task force has arrested 75 people since the crackdown on prolific offenders started earlier this month.

The offenders have been charged with more than 250 crimes.

To turnaround an increase in crime in the South of the state, Operation Saturate’s 14-strong taskforce is focusing on prolific offenders: checking they are complying with court-ordered curfews, searching their houses and immediately locating and arresting them after they commit further offences.

The task force is particularly focused on volume crime including home burglary, car burglary and shoplifting.

In charge of the task force is Inspector John Ward:

“These 75 people include some of the most prolific offenders in the Southern part of the state.

“By arresting and closely monitoring them we’re trying to make life as uncomfortable as we possibly can for them.

“Our most prolific recidivists offend constantly and our task force officers are monitoring them very closely to hold them to account,” he said.

“While we continue to have a high arrest and charge rate for these crimes, police can’t reduce this type of offending on our own,” Inspector Ward said.

“We’re asking the community and business owners help us too.

“People can help prevent their homes, cars and businesses from becoming targets for thieves by taking some simple steps to make them less appealing to criminals.

“If we take away the easy opportunities for these people to steal then we reduce crime,” he said.

A more detailed list of charges includes:

  • Breach of bail conditions
  • Warrant (Fail to appear in Court)
  • Common Assault
  • Wounding
  • Threaten and resist police
  • Obstruct police
  • Aggravated Burglary
  • Burglary & Stealing
  • Stealing (shoplifting)
  • Motor Vehicle Stealing
  • Destroy property
  • Possess firearms (either stolen or unlawfully obtained)
  • Possess firearm part, possess ammunition
  • Possess / Use prohibited substances (Drugs)
  • Sell controlled drug