People reminded to heed safety advice following rescue from West Coast 4WD track

Police are encouraging people to heed safety advice before venturing onto Tasmania’s terrain following a helicopter rescue of two people stranded on a 4WD track on the West Coast last night.

Around 4pm yesterday police received a request for assistance from two people stranded in their 4WD vehicle on the Balfour Track near Temma.

Due to the inaccessible terrain the Westpac Rescue Helicopter was used to retrieve the stranded pair from their vehicle which was submerged up to the windscreen in a water track.

The man and woman from Victoria were rescued from the area uninjured around 8.00pm.

Inspector Steve Jones from Police Search and Rescue said, “It’s timely to remind people to always heed safety advice provided by authorities before embarking on any kind of exploration in Tasmania.”

“It’s understood the party attempted to undertake the Balfour Track, well known to be one of Tasmania’s most difficult tracks, despite advice from the Parks and Wildlife Service.

“While I support people’s desires to explore Tasmania’s terrain, it’s important to remind people to always put their own safety first.

“Yesterday’s recue diverted the capacity of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and crew away from those who could have been in need of emergency assistance at that time.”