Salamanca Waterfront Celebrations – Builder’s Breakup

Tasmania Police will have a highly visible presence at the Hobart waterfront tomorrow night to make sure everyone has a safe environment to enjoy the traditional Builder’s Breakup celebrations.

Salamanca Place between Montpelier Retreat and the Wooby’s Lane area will be fully closed to all traffic from 5:30pm Friday night until 1am Saturday morning.

“With a large congregation of people anticipated in the waterfront area, Police will be providing a proactive and highly visible presence with additional patrols and visits to licensed premises,” said Inspector Jo Stolp.

“The risk of anti-social behaviour is higher when a large group of people consume alcohol at the same location and we’re urging everyone to drink responsibly and look after their mates.”

“We appreciate that the majority of people heading out to have a celebratory Christmas drink will behave responsibly, but we reinforce to patrons not to let their behaviour ruin the night for others.”

“Enjoy your celebration and have a plan to get home safely.”