Disclosure Log

Interim procedures for disclosing information released in response to Right to Information Act 2009 requests in Tasmania were announced on Tuesday 9 June 2015.

Certain information released in response to Right to Information requests will be published online within 48 hours of being released to the applicant. This only applies to applications received after 9 June 2015.

The new approach makes information released to an applicant available to a wider audience and increases Government transparency and accountability.

Applicants should note that:

  • if they seek and are granted a waiver of the application fee on the basis of general public interest, and it is determined that the information is in the broader public interest, publication of the released information is likely.
  • their identity will not be published. The category of applicant will be published, i.e. Member of Parliament, media representative, private individual, organisation, and other.
  • a summary of the application will be published. This gives context to the nature of the released information.
  • only information that is considered to be in the broader public interest will be published. No personal information will be published.
  • information of a commercial or confidential nature will not be published.

Detailed policies reflecting this change will soon be available.

Publication Date Category Request Summary Information Released
14/06/2016 Organisation Information relating to firearm theft in Tasmania for FYs 2013/14 and 2014/15 Per request
(RTI 157/16)
30/06/2016 Member of Parliament Information relating to firearms and firearm ownership in Tasmania (number of registered firearms in Tasmania) Per request
(RTI 206/16)
18/10/2016 Private Individual Data relating to the Sex Industry Offences Act 2005 for period 2006 to 2016 Per request
(RTI 314/16)
21/10/2016 Member of Parliament Charges laid for cultivating and supplying of cannabis and total cannabis seizures Per request
(RTI 312/16 & 313/16)
24/10/2016 Member of Parliament Rescue helicopter contract hours and flying hours from 2011 to 2016 Per request
(RTI 309/16)
19/01/2017 Member of Parliament Owned Police Vehicles, marked and unmarked on March 2014 and January 2017 Per request
(RTI 5/17)
 05/04/2017 Media Tasmania Police officers’and recruit’ 2015 and 2016 criminal convictions  Per request
(RTI 70/17)
17/05/2017 Media Number of Blood tests analysed in relation to Drink Driving for the past three years (YTD) Per request
(RTI 98/17)
06/06/2017 Media Unintentional Firearm discharges by on-duty police officers from 2012/13 to March 2017 Per request
(RTI 118/17)
17/07/2017 Media Pervert Justice and Interfere with a Witness charges Per request
(RTI 178/17)
23/01/2018 Media Sexual Assault Offences Reported to Police Per request
(RTI 330/17)
30/01/2018 Media Information relating to Sexual Assault Investigation Kits for the period 01/01/2007 to 27/12/2017 Per request
(RTI 344/17)
24/04/2018 Media Statistics on aggravated sexual assaults and rape offences between 1999 and 2017 by calendar year, Tasmania Police District, and Investigation status.  Per request
(RTI 63/18)
04/05/2018 Media Professional Standards investigation of the Northern Prosecution Branch’s handling of drink driving matter 17/1387, March 2017 Per request
(RTI 75/18)
20/06/2018 Media Firearms Policy Per request
(RTI 123/18)
12/03/2019 Media Number of minors subject to ‘strip search’ by Tasmania Police 2017/18 Per request
(RTI 47/19)
12/04/2019 Media Research into the use of force by police agencies nationally Per request (RTI 67/19)
18/04/2019 Media Correspondence between DPFEM, PWS and STT between 15/1/19 to 21/1/19 on initial response to bushfire at Riveaux Road Per request (RTI 59/19)
10/05/2019 Media Statistics in relation to Sexual Assaults (Excluding Indecent Assault) 2008-2018, persons 16 years and over Per request (RTI 95/19)
17/5/2019 Media Internal Reports and correspondence in relation to the avenues available to alleged victims of family violence perpetrated by police officers and emergency service personnel. Per request (RTI 94/19)
24/5/2019 Media Special Operation Group deployments within the past 5 years. Per request (RTI 71/19)
24/6/2019 Media Southern Regional Operations Briefings of the Tasmania Fire Service from 15 January 2019 to 24 January 2019. Per request (RTI 134/19)
28/8/2019 Media Family Violence Incidents committed by members of Tasmania Police between 2017 and 31/7/2019 Per request (RTI 174/19)
18/02/2020 Member of Parliament

Tasmania Police Response to the Falls Festival from 2016 to present


Per request (RTI:28/20)
06/04/2020 Member of Parliament

Information concerning the cancellation of fuel reduction burns in the Swansea area between 1/1/206 and 1/1/2019


Per request (RTI: 66/20)
12/06/2020 Member of Parliament

(1.) Information concerning: ‘Number of investigations into illegal wood harvesting in 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018; 2019 and 2020 to date – broken down by private property, agency or GBE; and
(2.) The number of charges laid for illegal wood harvesting in 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018; 2019 and 2020 to date – broken down by private property, agency or GBE responsible

Per request (RTI: 134/20/20)
20/07/2020 Media

Information concerning: ‘‘All complaints of racism/racial harassment/racial discrimination made against Tasmania Police since 1 January 2017 and for each complaint identified, the report of the internal investigation into the complaint.’

Per request (RTI: 172/20)

10/08/2020 Member of Parliament

Information concerning:

1. As at 31 July 2020, the number and location of operational fixed speed cameras in Tasmania; and

2. As at 31 January 2020, the number and location of operational fixed speed cameras in Tasmania.’

Per request (RTI: 218/20)

18/09/2020 Journalist

Information concerning:

  1. ‘Who was the senior Tasmania Police officer that was the subject of sexual harassment complaint (as asked about in Estimates hearings in 2018)? What rank did this officer hold?
  2. What was the nature of the complaint/s against the officer? Was it the one complaint or were there multiple complaints from multiple officers?
  3. Commissioner Darren Hine has said the officer was asked to undergo counselling as a result of his behaviour.  What form did these sessions take? How long did they go for? How many of them was the officer required to attend?
  4. Was the officer punished in any way for his behaviour? If so, how?
  5. Have there been further sexual harassment complaints made against this officer since the original complaints were made?

Per request (RTI: 249/20)